Mayurasana Benefits | Benefits of Mayurasana| How to do Mayurasana

Yoga is getting very popular these days and there are certain poses that getting more popular due to the benefits they provide to our bodies.

One of such poses is Mayurasana also known as the Peacock pose due to its similarity to a peacock position.

In this article, we will discuss Mayurasana’s benefits.

Also according to Hindu texts as it is a peacock pose and peacock symbolizes peace, love, and patience so this pose is not only good for us physically but mentally as well.

Mayursasana seems a little difficult exercise but if done regularly it will become pretty easy for you and you will enjoy the benefits of Mayurasana

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the following things

  • What is Mayurasana
  • Mayurasana Benefits | Benefits of Mayurasana
  • How to do Mayurasana
  • FAQ about Mayurasana

So let us get started with it

What is Mayurasana

Mayurasana is a Sanskrit word in which Mayur means Peacock and asana means pose so it basically means peacock pose.

Mayurasana is a hand-balancing yoga pose or asana in which you have to balance your body on your hands.

It is one of the oldest non-sitting yoga poses.

In this pose, you have to put all your body weight on your hands and balance your legs horizontally in the air. It might seem difficult in starting but once you get used to it, it will be fairly easy for you also further in this article we will discuss how to do Mayurasana.

But first, let us discuss some of the measurable benefits of Mayurasana

Mayurasana Benefits | Benefits of Mayurasana

There are a number of benefits of Mayurasana that can do wonders for your body, so lets us now discuss some of the top Mayurasana Benefits

So here are some top Benefits of Mayurasana

  1. Mayurasana helps detoxify your body, it helps your body to get rid of fever and tumors.
  2. Mayurasana helps strengthen your wrist, arms, core, and your upper body as well.
  3. Mayurasana is also said to help with mental stress and anxiety up to a certain level.
  4. It also works well for trembling hands and depression.
  5. Mayurasana helps you improve your concentration and your body-mind coordination.
  6. Mayurasana helps us improve our digestive system as well by increasing our blood circulation.
  7. Mayurasana helps us improve our posture as well by strengthening our limbs, spine, and joints.
  8. Mayurasana has also shown good results with people with digestive issues and piles.
  9. Mayurasana can help you improve your performance in bed as well.
  10. Mayurasana also helps us lose our body fat from certain areas of our body.

So know we have read about some of the top benefits of Mayurasana you must be interested in learning how to Mayurasana, let us learn that know

How to do Mayurasana

If you are trying to do Mayurasana for the first time you might need a step-by-step guide for it and here is a guide for you.

To start doing the Mayurasana pose keep in mind to properly warm up your wrists arms and shoulders as well because you will not want to get injured on the first day of your session.

So this video will help you learn from basics to advance peacock pose transitions.

You have learned what is Mayurasana and benefits of Mayurasana and even how to do it but there will be some questions in your mind about it, so it is time to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Mayurasana.

FAQ about Mayurasana

Want to read more about it and FAQ related to Mayurasana, Youcan read them here Mayurasana Benefits

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Himanshu Gahlawat

Himanshu Gahlawat

Fitness Enthusiast | Content Creator | Learning something new everyday

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